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Intended as a resource for Cherags (ministers) of the Universal Worship in their work to embody and spread the Message of God. We are sure that there will be many items of interest for people of all faiths.

This Week's featured book:
Return to Harmony: Creating Harmony & Balance Through the Frequencies of Sound by Nicole Lavoie

Reviewer: A reader from San Francisco, CA
Several people that I know have read this bood and are completely enthralled and fascinated by the effects of healing through sound. We're talking MAJOR HEALING -- of osteoporosis, arhtritis, entire glandular systems shutting down, etc. It emphasizes the role of the Divine in life and lists several accounts of how Nicole La Voie's development of this healing modality changed peoples lives for the better. Many people had exhausted all options of treatments (conventional and alternative) before trying her techniques. Truly inspiring -- brings hope and light into your life! Science teaches us that everything is in a state of vibration and Nicole develops it into a new 'frequency medicine.' If you have ever been moved by music, sounds of nature, etc., you will relate to this story. A must if you or anyone you know face any form of illness.

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