Department of Sufic Studies

 Sufi Psychology and Healing

The Book of Sufi Healing -Abu Abdullah Ghulam Moinuddin, Shaykh Hakim Moinuddi Chishti (Paperback) - 

The Development of Spiritual Healing - Inayat Khan (Hardcover; Special Order) - 

Moral Healing Through the Most Beautiful Nanes : The Practice of Spiritual Chivalry (God's Will Be Done, Vol 3) - Laleh Bakhtiar, Simon Bakhtiar (Paperback) - 

The Psychology of Sufism (Del Wa Nafs); Javad, Dr. Nurbakhsh (Hardcover) - 

Sufi Meditation (Lights of Wisdom Series, No. 1)
                   by Lex Hixon



Sufism : The Transformation of the Heart; Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee (Paperback) - Descriptive information available. 

Shadow on the Path : Clearing the Psychological Blocks to Spiritual Development by V. J. Fedorschak

Diamond Heart, Bk. 1 : Elements of the Real in Man (The Diamond Heart Series , No 1) by A. H. Almaas

Diamond Heart Book Two : The Freedom to Be (The Diamond Heart Series , No 2)   by A. H. Almaas

The Art of Sufi Healing  by Linda O'Riordan