Department of Sufic Studies
Sheikh Saadi of Shiraz

The Bostan of Saadi (The Orchard), Books I and II by Sheikh Saadi of Shiraz, Barlas Mirza Aqil-Hussain (Translator)
Saadi's Bostan is one of the greatest of all Sufi Classics. Together with his Gulistan, these two books are regarded as supreme accomplishments of both literature and Sufi thought. They contain a richness of material and beauty of poetry which are almost unparalleled. The Bostan is a mine of proverbs, quotations and practical wisdom. But like the Gulistan (The Rose Garden) it contains far more than moralistic aphorisms and teaching stories. The Bostan is  recognized by eminent Sufis as containing the whole range of the deepest Sufi knowledge which can be committed to writing. 

The Rose Garden (Gulistan) of Saadi by Saadi, Omar Ali-Shah (Translator)